Thursday, February 3, 2011

One night in Rupert

This weekend we were so lucky to b able to travel a few hours north to the coast and the beautiful and ever so charming Prince Rupert! We have been there a few times befor, but only for an afternoon sort of trip. This time we got to spend the night, and we stayed allmost`on the ocean`!(the pictures will make that more clear to you all...) Being a Norwegian growing up so close to the fjord that you can smell the salt water and what comes with that, this was like paradise to me. And the weather was just perfect too! So I am left with gratitude to my Father who created this wonderful place and for letting us have such a lovely time filling in for the pastors in Rupert. Filling their house and pulpit that is :-)

Here are some pictures from our trip :-) The first ones is from the drive back on Sunday afternoon

And this last one is the view from our suite in the "basement"... So so pretty!! And compared to Kitimat this is almost like summer. In Kitimat we are covered with snow and ice. In Prince Rupert even the lawns are green! What a difference the ocean makes! So taking a stoll with the stroller was a great deal less dangerous (dangerous in Kitimat now because of the freezing rain etc.) Thank you Lynda for walking with us! Please join us in Kitimat too :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas and start of a new year - from Erins perspective :-)

The new year have been all about me standing up and walking with support. I am also welcoming lots of new tools in my mouth.... I like biting everything with them.. I think they are called teeth.
My great aunt and uncle gave me these awesome sing song cards. My mom sings me the song on the back, and I like looking at the picture on the front. Such a good teaching tool.
We took lots of wonderful walks in Kitimat - winter wonder land.

Opening my first ever Christmas gift! I love books :-)

I love Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bits of our Advent..

Just figured I would post my cell-phone-pictures of Erin from the last couple of weeks. We are all doing good and getting all ready for the seaosen of Joy and of remembering our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and what He came to do for us :-)

As you see in the pictures snow has come to Kitimat! Erin was amazed by the snow that fell all day Monday. Mamma and daddy was not so impressed.... Thank to our amazing neighbours we did not have to showel though. Thank you so so much!!!

Amazed at the amount of snow coming down from the sky...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent :-)

The Christmas tree is "finally" up at the Coleman residense. Though my Norwegian friends will not say finally, in Norway the tradition is to put up the tree the night before Christmas-eve (little christmas eve) and take it down only 13 days later. I have amazing memories from little Christmas eve from when I lived there, and I will always cherish them. Now we are in the next chapter though, and we are priveleged to create new memories and traditions for Erin to cherish as she gets older. Life is ever changing and we are always Gods hands. Safe and well :-) Thankfully yours God!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Time for an update

So no update for three weeks... that means life has been busy! We have been good though. The Colemans got home from our last week of holiday a couple of weeks ago when we had spendt a whole lot of time in our car and some time visiting good friends in Alberta (Three Hills and Olds) and Prince George. In total we spendt close to 40 hours driving and discoverd that we have a very patient little daughter on our hands. She did amazing in the car even though she really couldn`t do that mouch to entertain her self all alone in the back seat facing backward and away from her ever so entertaining parents. Here are some pictures from our trip:

The Rockie Mountains - no snow on our way hough the pass! Praise God :-)

Early learning

The Rockies and some prairies driving from Three Hills to Olds, Alberta.

Our happy little traveler.

We also started to give Erin solids on our trip. The whole feeding thing is like anything, it has it`s good and bad sides. It takes some time to get used to new tastes and new textures. So far she loves rice cereal, is getting used to bananas and is still in the trying with pear, carrots, sweet potatoes and other types of cereal. And I guess that is how it has to be... slowly but surely we will wean her on it all.

This Sunday we had halloween. So we dressed Erin up as our little bee bee :-) and had an awesome night with friends. Here she is loving her Oh Henry, just like her mamma ;-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gods love

Today I realised even more of how my Father in heaven actually feel about me... I was just overwhelmed with love towards my daughter and I made sure to tell her! I continued to tell her also that God, like me, will always love her. No matter what she does or do not do.. Then I realized.. wow, this goes for me too :-) Hehe... What an awesome reminder!!! Everytime I feel my love grow towards to little Erin I will now think about how God loves us even more! Everytime I pray for her life to be a good one I will think how God wants our life to be blessed... and He is able and willing to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think (Eph.3:20) I find this amazing!

With that I will leave my blog for at least 1 full week... not that that is so much different. But we are leaving this rainy part of Canada and hopefully heading to find some sun in Alberta!

Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8th 2010

Trying to cut down on coffee... Why, you might ask - my body can`t really handle it and I have also discoverd that it only really tastes good in company with other coffee drinkers. Isn`t that weird? And does that not remind you of another very addicting habit? Anyway.. I am trying to cut down, but I still need a hot drink in my day. Especially after a windful and cold walk like me and the little one had today. So I fill my cup with this lovely tea, wich also has sort of a cute story from India.

The History of Chai Tea
The English love their tea, as is well known, and in 1830 they began to grow concerned over the Chinese tea monopoly. The answer: grow tea in India, which was their vassal nation. By 1900 about 90% of England's tea was grown in India. But the Indians did not like to drink tea themselves, which greatly disturbed the English. It was unfathomable to them that anyone wouldn't like tea. To this end the English began to encourage Indian factories and mills to give their employees tea breaks. Originally tea was served in the English style, steeped with a little sugar and milk. But soon vendor (known as chai wallahs) began to spice their drinks and add lots of sugar and milk to cut costs. The English were furious, but workers liked the drink. Thus, masala chai tea was born!
So thanks be to the Indian peolpe :-) it is Oh So Lovely!!!!

Kitimat in Fall is an exiting place. It is always nice to live here, but in it is a bit different. Little Erin and me like to take a walk at least once a day and our surroundings many times remind me of a big beautiful park, and other times like a zoo... The bears are the dominant animal. I often pray for God protection as we walk around a corner or close to the woods. My husband saw a flock of grizzly-bears just the other day. They come in to town more in fall to eat garbage and fruit of peolpes trees since they need to be stuffed for the long sleep in Winter. Here is a black bear wich we saw eating at a dump. This was not in Kitimat but in Minden, Ontario. Though we have them here to and they sure make life a bit more exiting.

On a totally different note.... I want to share my exitement for my baby brother (maybe not baby....) who is getting married in less than 24 hours from now! I am so proud of both of them and love them very much. God bless your very special day Marie and Knut!